Victor Tsoi

Victor Tsoi is a well-known Russian musician who is also a poet, a singer and an artist. His songs mean a lot to me and I just wanted to try to share my feelings with you. His popularity has reached even bigger heights after his death. The phenomenon of Victor Tsoi can only be compared with that of Kurt Cobain, except for Victor became perhaps the most influential musician in the last twenty years. Even today you can find the graffiti remembering Victor in every Russian town. The scene that keeps on coming back in my mind is when Victor sings "Peremen!" ("I want changes!") in front of thousands of his fans who are holding candles. Truly, the last hero.

Brief chronology of Victor Tsoi's life and creative work

Victor Tsoi
  • 21 of June 1962 - Victor Tsoi was born in Leningrad, SU.
  • 1974-77 - Victor organises a group called "PALATA No 6" together with Maxim Pashkov.
  • 1981 - Victor organises a group called "GARIN I GIPERBOLOIDY" together with Alexy Rybin and Oleg Valinsky.
  • 1982 - An album entitled "45" comes out. Tsoi meets Marianna. First concerts of "KINO" and "AKVARIUM" together.
  • 1983 - Alexy Rybin leaves the group. Victor finishes a record entitled "46".
  • 1984 - An album called "Natchalnik Kamchatki" comes out.
  • 1984 - The second form of "KINO" is formed : Tsoi, Kasparyan, Titov, Guryanov. Later Titov is replaced by Igor Tikhoromirov.
  • 1985 - Victor marries Marianna.
  • 5 of August 1985 - Marianna gave birth to Sasha.
  • 1985 - An album called "Eto nye lyubov" comes out.
  • 1986 - An album entitled "Notch" comes out.
  • 1986 - Victor pursues his acting career in
    1. Rashid Nugmanov's "Konets kanikul"
    2. Alexy Utchitel's "Rock"
    3. Sergei Soloviev's "Assa"
    4. Alexy Utchitel's "Poslednii geroi"
  • 1988 - An album "Gruppa krovi" comes out.
  • 1988 - Rashid Nugmanov's second movie starring Victor Tsoi comes out. It's called "Igla".
  • 1989 - A recording disc called "Poslednii geroi" comes out in France.

  • 1989 - A record called "Zvezda po imeni Solntse" arrives. A trip to USA.
  • 1990 - A trip to Japan. The last album is recorded.
  • 15 of August 1990 - Victor Tsoi tragically dies in a crash.

    In addition to the albums above, a number of other records came out including "Neizvestnye pesni"and "Kino-Raritety". These recordings feature songs that are mostly unknown to general audience. Here is a list of these songs :

  • Also, one can find other items which include his recordings with "PALATA No 6", "GARIN I GIPERBOLOIDY", "POPULAR MECHANICS" and others.

    "Frantzuskii botzman" in Win1251 (Tsoi & Kuryokhin)
    You can find some of Tsoi's music at CD Express which has some of the digitally remastered CD's by Kino that have been released recently.

    Click here to download a full collection of Victor Tsoi's lyrics.

    Here are some of the memoirs of Boris Grebenschikov, Alexander Titov and Yuri Kasparyan in Win 1251. I took them from a book called "Viktor Tsoi: stikhi, documenty, vospominaniya".

    Here you can find one of his interviews in Win 1251. Here is yet another one

    Some of the pictures that are featured on this page have been scanned from a book entitled Victor Tsoi - A Photoalbum (presented by Red Wave).

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